Highlights of Terms of Service

I0T Inc Highlights of Terms of Service

Last Updated: March 2018

  • I0T Inc. provides various methods of tech support (ie. phone, email, remote and onsite). All such support is billable, including travel, unless otherwise stated. All invoices are due upon receipt, unless otherwise stated.
  • When I0T Inc. receives an “Agreement to Proceed” from a Quote or Estimate, it becomes a contract between Customer and I0T Inc. I0T Inc. will provide, and Customer will purchase and pay for, the Services and/or product specified in the Quote / Estimate / Invoice.
  • Hosting Services require a one-year commitment, after which the contract will be on a month-to-month basis. The billing period is from the 1st of the month to the end of the month. Payment is due the 1st of the month of the term being invoiced.
  • I0T Inc. may terminate Hosting Services for various reasons, and if termination is required, will give the Customer as much notice as possible.
  • I0T Inc. currently accepts VISA, cheque, money orders or wire transfers on a case by case basis.
  • Where hardware or software is being purchased from I0T  Inc. , payment is due upfront before the order will be placed.
  • If any cheque is returned for insufficient funds, a $25 NSF charge will be issued to the Customer.
  • I0T Inc. is not responsible for any damages arising from Customer’s use of I0T Inc.’ services or by Customer’s inability to use the hosting services (if applicable) for any reason.
  • Hosting customers will abide by, and utilize the Services and the Customer Web site only in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy that I0T Inc.  posts on its Web site, as such Acceptable Use Policy may be changed by I0T Inc. from time to time.
  • Hosting customers will use the host services in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws of the Province of Ontario and Canada.
  • Customer will provide I0T Inc. with a registered Domain Name for the Customer Web site, or, upon Customer’s request I0T Inc. will register an Internet Domain Name on behalf of Customer.
  • Customer shall be responsible for maintaining their web site.
  • Customer may not assign or transfer this Agreement.
  • These are only the Highlites of our Terms of Service and shall not be construed as being the actual Terms of Service. Please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service on our website.